Redbourn Tennis Club

When can I play

Court availability
General information:
Members can play at any time provided that there are no other organised events using the courts. (see club rules)

During the week there are several meetings that are open to all members, they fall into 3 groups.
Club sessions
Adult coaching and cardio
Junior coaching

Visitors can attend (and play up to 4 times per year), as a guest of a member, subject to the normal club rules. They must complete the visitors player agreement. RTC Visiting Player Agreement V13.pdf

An additional visitor fee of £5.00 is payable.
The member whose guest is playing is responsible for paying the visitor fee to the club.
Club sessions are open to members and require no court fee payment.

2nd April - 5.30 pm onwards till sunset. Not currently running
Come along and take pot luck to play against other members.

10.00 am to 12.30 pm Not currently running

From 10.00am onwards all members can come along and join others for a covid safe mix in. See details below. Not currently running

Court Booking Process

Booking is by phone. Please contact for details

Booking slots for December/January are:-

8.00       10.00

10.00     12.00

12.00     14.00

14.00     16.00

Structured Mix In

If you would like to be added to the Sunday 11.00 mix in WhatsApp group contact with your name, email address and mobile number.

The structured mix in will run from Sunday 13th December. Just say on the Whatsapp group that you would like to play before 18.00 on the Thursday before the session. Players will be allocated in the order that they request to play in multiples of four.

The organiser will allocate one partner that you retain through the session and will also allocate up to three pairs of opponents who you will play. Players will swap opponents every 35 minutes with five minutes to change over.

We will operate a waiting list and try to make up to multiples of four if possible. Courts not required for the Sunday mix in will be released for booking in the normal way on Friday mornings.